03 August 2014

Ginger Tops

Ginger lads seem to be used in porn more as bottoms, but this one is an exception. The bottom appears to be Latin. The darker skin on lighter skin creates a great visual dynamic that's very erotic.

Chances are whoever put this on the video share site did so without clearance, so this may not last long. So click here to view on the source page and/or to download your own free copy.


  1. Anonymous07:51

    Im thinkin just the opposite as you are on these guys. I don't care for the almost albino looking ginger guy.. too start white.. . looks like casper the ghost up against that darker tanned guy.. . just not appealing to me at all and Im an artist. . I also have to say, there is something to a man or guy that has a more muscular built to his body than just a very smooth overall appearance as these two guys have.. .. I think if the smaller guy would of had some hunk of a guy fucking him it would have been so much hotter to see a built stud fucking that little tanned boy ass. AND I might ad. . usually a ginger guy will have a sizeable dick. .. . this guy doenst. . so that also drives down his appeal. At least to me!

  2. ginger are so rose white look like strawberries i love it
    love their orange furry

  3. Musclemania08:09

    the ginger is juice White is purity redhead are making the most successful in the world


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