04 August 2014

Nearly Perfect

This lad has everything: a handsome face, great body, natural pelt, no ink, normal pubes, cum-catcher beard, and a sweet smile. He's still too young to be exactly perfect in my book, but he could hardly be faulted for that. In ten or fifteen years, as long as he stays in shape, he'll be 100 percent perfect.

I've only seen him in two solo nude vids, so I don't know if that means he's straight or just shy. He certainly looks relaxed whilst naked in front of the camera, so maybe there's more out there? He's appeared as both Hudson and Saul, so if anyone knows if he was paired with another lad or more in porn, please shout out details in the comments.

The photos are larger than they appear below, so click here for a free folder with fifteen shots of this magnificent bloke.


  1. IMO, he's perfect! Yes a little young but if he looks like a man, not a twink, he's perfect! Woof! I still like to play with him now and years from now.

  2. Anonymous07:20

    Oso bello.Amigo venezolano, Cucuta

  3. Musclemania08:05

    fucking god what a body his furry blond pubes tease me
    i love blond pubes

  4. Wow- A man to die for! He has everything I love.

  5. Anonymous05:47

    Even so, I'll bet you'd still let him eat crackers in bed.

  6. Mike14:00

    One of the all-time best looking men in my book, from head to foot, but especially the treasure trail, abs and chest.


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