21 August 2014


I miss seeing Rusty Stevens in porn. A versatile favorite, he retired about four years ago. I read somewhere he's still doing escorting, and that's no surprise, given that usually pays better than porn.

The porn press reported that he's straight, but he can't be that straight if he lets blokes bang him in the ass for money. I've wondered if he was also a straight escort because of those lipstick tattoos on his torso. I could see oblivious women wanting to spend time with him because of his masculine good looks, and they'd be clueless about him having sucked plenty of cocks, too.

These photos are larger than the appear below, so click here to see and save the entire set of fifteen.


  1. Anonymous08:59

    muy guapo.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Anonymous20:24

    Scott said....

    I can definitely see why women and men into men would like this hunky stud:)


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