14 August 2014

Wall-to-Wall Saul

Thanks to a link provided by a regular reader which turned up more pictures of Saul aka Hudson, who was featured here in recent days, I undertook a quest to find as many quality pictures as I could of this strapping young lad. I'm happy to report I bagged more than six dozen, not including the ones already posted here.

They way he's pawing and nuzzling the other bloke below makes me hope we'll see Hudson aka Saul fucking a buddy or two in the near future. My gaydar picked up pings on Saul aka Hudson, and perhaps yours did, too.

To download a free folder with the many photos I found of him, please click here (mirror here). The eight photos below are included in the folder, in their larger original size.

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  1. Anonymous08:52

    Que dulce trasero.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta


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