11 August 2014

Oral Report

My boyfriend once saw a bloke sucking off another one in the front seat of a car at a long-term airport parking structure. This was on a Monday morning on an overcast day. Now that's a way to start off a Monday. In the event you were unable to start your morning today doing the same, here are some lads standing in for you. Or sucking in for you, as the case may be.

These images are all from a great Tumblr called Hunky Dorian which features steamy erotic shots of sexual activity. Be forewarned if you follow the click-through that you'll also find women engaged in sexual activity on that site; there's every possible combination: MMM MMF MFF MM MF FF and more. Dorian has an insatiable libido.

As always, photos are larger than they appear below. Click here to download a zipped file of twenty cocksuckers at work, including the lads shown below, or here for an online gallery.


  1. Anonymous10:40

    So . . . did you miss your flight?

  2. love number four's face
    just look at me lover boy


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