02 August 2014

Hairy Beast

Rogan here has the perfect combination: fur and muscles. I've seen pictures of him where he's had some pretty weird haircuts, but I don't believe I've ever seen one of him with a shaved body. Good for him.

Hair was put on his body for a reason, one of which is that it's meant to be enjoyed. The more Neanderthal a lad looks, with big ripped muscles and a pelt of thick body fur, the happier I am.

If you'd rather watch at the source site, or to download your own free copy of this video, you'll want to click here.


  1. Anonymous07:32

    Ideally, though, one body area, should always be off limits, and never be manscaped at all – and that’s the bush! To me, it belongs to a man as much as his dick does. As far as I’m concerned, The Bush Maketh The Man!
    fuck hairy dudes are crazy

  2. Anonymous13:28

    Could do without some of the silly flexing while he's jerking, but the payoff is worth it. I like how this bear growls like a bear during his orgasm.

  3. Anonymous06:40

    Un perfecto macho. Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  4. Anonymous08:10

    One HOT man with hair in all the right places WOLF He can come and leave some of that hair in my bed anytime..

  5. holy crap i love neanderthals men with fuzzy legs and pecs and hairy asscracks too
    Rogan tease us with his muscles and furry ass
    pease more muscel hairy men

  6. Anonymous13:10

    holy crap Hairy pecs is one of the best assets that a guy can have and when he shows his hairy ass he can be sure to get the attention of another dude who will quickly harden his cock so he can move to fuck the guys asshole
    webmaster do have some movie in which ROGAN appears hairier than this?


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