06 August 2014

Hudson aka Saul

A sharp-eyed reader alerted me to these two videos available online and featuring the very hot bloke who appeared here on Monday. He is featured on two different sites with different names, a common practice, suggesting neither is actually his name.

To be candid, the first video is uninspired. It's poorly lit and shot in someone's apartment hallway. There's no excuse for such underwhelming production values. In contrast, the second has heat, and the lad's personality really shine, not to mention his fantastic body.

Click here to download and/or save the first video and here for the second one.


  1. Anonymous13:51

    Verbals (during orgasm) in the second video a little hokey, but a nice cumshot. Man, I'd love that thick dick you know where.

  2. That hot little number needs to get fucked by Austin Wolf or Zeb Atlas or preferably both.

  3. If you googled Saul Harris, you'd find out he is now a model. He has an account in Model Mayhem and he has modeled for, among others, ES Collection. He has some naked shots, but nothing of the kind he did in Sean Cody. I think the Sean Cody solo performance was just to get him noticed, to show the potential photographers what he has to offer. There might never be another one like that. Wish this guy a long career.


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