07 August 2014

Like a Rock

This bloke appeared as Rock Allen in a few straight porn films in the late 1990s. Other than a handful of solo shoots for men's magazines like the one below, he does not seem to have appeared in any gay porn. And then like so many people in adult fare, he disappeared.

His cock is curious. It's not soft, but then it's not entirely hard, either. Yet he's this way in nearly every shot. Is he actually full-on hard and that's as high as it goes? If that's so, then that doesn't really matter, because the size is fine.

The photos below are larger and part of a set of twenty. The full set is available online here or for downloading in a zipped folder here.


  1. Anonymous08:30

    fuck yeahh incredible dicked dark stud
    Rock Allen did gay movie?

    1. He did straight porn. I don't believe he did any gay porn other than solo stills like these.


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