29 April 2017

100 Days of Lies

The Washington Post has published an impressively comprehensive and detailed list of the 452 false or misleading claims Donald Trump has made in his first hundred days in office (link here). The final number will actually be higher, because they've not yet done the final count on the last two days.

If Trump continues at this pace, and there's no sign that he won't because his pacing of lies and distortions has not changed so far during his presidency, he will have uttered 6,600 lies and misleading claims to the American people during his four-year term in office.

He has a tendency to repeat certain lies many times. In his most repeated falsehood, on twenty-four different occasions he took credit for Ford, GM, Fiat Chrysler, and other companies' projects that were announced or planned long before he took office.

There are only ten days out of a hundred when Trump told no known, documented lies in public statements. Some of those came a day before or after the four days when he told more than twenty documented lies.

Click through to the link because the catalog of lies is truly staggering. The newspaper has documented and explained how every lie or false statement is wrong and backs up every single one with multiple sources.

I certainly hope they keep doing this kind of detailed documentation. It's both depressing that our country would be lead by such a habitual dissembler and amazing how his supporters blindly refuse to see the explicit handwriting on the wall.


  1. Anonymous04:33

    100 días de nada.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. He will never change and USA has to be aware about all his lies not to jeopardise USA's credibility.

    The latest lie was, for us Canadians, is his will to quit the NAFTA deal.

    35 of USA states are trembling because we have close integrated commercial trade for many years, not to say decades.
    Your secretary of agriculture, Sonny Perdue, seems to have helped Trumpty Dumpty to change his mind to leave NAFTA.

    With HIS «Buy American and save American Jobs» and HIS will to stop commercial interactions with other countries, HE's isolating USA and there will be NO new jobs created, more, USA will loose some.

    Our Bombardier company, making the commercial airplane "C" Serie was another company directly affected by Trmup's affirmation and Boeing has also charged against it.
    The worst in this is that MANY parts of that super nice plane is FABRICATED in USA.
    This is just ONE example that our trade deals are interconnected and any attempt to stop them will not only affect us but also GODD JOBS in USA.

    Before blaming us for the BAD deal made in the past with NAFTA, ask yourselves IF on your side, your lawyers or deal makers were such imbeciles or incompetant that they made such bad decisions so USA would be the loosers in the NAFTA trade deal.

    Knowing USA, you are more PRO American and NEVER you would sign such a bad deal for YOUR industries.

    So, again, Trumpty Dumpty is making up «alternative facts» (lies) to make himself look good to his base electors.

    Next 4 years will be real rollercoaster for USA foreign politic and trade.

  3. Kris Evans, a Bel Ami model native from Hungary.


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