15 April 2017

The Retread

Yesterday, New York magazine published a great article by the fantastic writer Jonathan Chait with the title "Donald Trump Is Just George W. Bush But Racist" (link here).

The piece moves step by step through Trump's rather short metamorphosis after discarding campaign promise after campaign promise and tossing out lie after lie to become exactly the sort of politician he vowed, not long ago, that he would never be.

In short, he's a nastier, crueler version of George W. Bush, driven by racism and hate. And arguably far more incompetent than Bush ever was.

"As he has come into contact with a concrete agenda, every heterodox promise has given way to conventional GOP positions," Chait writes of Trump. "The economic-nationalist elements of Trump’s agenda have all either quietly disappeared or been reversed outright.... His reversal on foreign policy is more dramatic."

The piece links another article at Bloomberg that reveals the Trump White House has quietly been drawing up plans to invade Syria. "H. R. McMaster, Trump’s chief national security adviser, is formulating plans to send tens of thousands of ground troops to Syria for an extended campaign to destroy ISIS and allow for reconstruction afterward — i.e., an occupation.... There is no telling whether Trump will follow McMaster’s plan; but the mere fact that he has ceded so much authority to a conventionally hawkish interventionist, after having ridiculed his party’s neoconservative wing, shows how far he has lurched already. The ideological distance between Trump’s economic and foreign policy and George W. Bush’s has collapsed."

Given how Trump has discarded so much of what he promised during the campaign, and considering how closely he aligned himself with hardcore conservatives on the far right since his election, not to mention the large number of anti-LGBT zealots at the very top of his administration, anyone who still believes the President will keep his rather vague promises to the LGBT community is living in a fantasy land.


  1. Anonymous04:41

    Y entonces America serĂ¡ grande? Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Very scary to see that Trumpty Dumpty who is suppose to be there as the Christian extreme right candidate. Same Christians who are pushing the LOVE law of Jesus Christ.....

    What a huge contradiction because HATE and non charity for the poor people of USA is the main path Trumpty Dumpty is riding on since he's in office.

    A real double face man who said that from now on, it'll be «America First».
    He also said that he would never involve USA in some foolish foreign wars.

    His ego is so big that it's very scary for peace in the world, the ecologic battle and warming of the planet.

    As China, India are desperately trying to reduce their coal polluting use Trumpty Dumpty is putting in front a great fraud talking about «Clean Coal»..
    What a jerk, a very dangerous fool in many fields of human behaviours.


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