14 April 2017

More Broken Promises

This week marked a new landmark for Donald Trump: in the span of a single day, he completely discarded four major campaign promises he had made repeatedly in the run up to the election. These shifts came shortly after his abandonment of promises to his supporters that he wouldn't get involved in Syria.

A number of media outlets covered his wild flip-flops from his previous positions, including the political magazine Politico (link here), the political newspaper The Hill (link here), and The Washington Post (link here).

In one day alone, he broke his promises to label China a currency manipulator, his promises about the chair of the Federal Reserve, his promises about NATO, and his promises about the Export-Import Bank.

For Trump's critics, this was no real surprise. Trump has a long history of making grand, sweeping promises and then later breaking them without a second thought.

His supporters are none too pleased, however. Both Politico (link here) and The Hill (link here) reported yesterday about how his base is furious about him repeatedly breaking promises that were critical to their support for him.

This is why Trump's promises to the LGBT community cannot be believed. His word is worthless.

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