01 April 2017

The Chumps

Tim Egan at The New York Times wrote a spot-on op-ed yesterday (link here) with the title "Trump’s Chumps." The piece is directed at the people who continue to support Donald Trump blindly, notwithstanding he's betrayed them over and over again since becoming President.

"You shrug at all of this hypocrisy and craziness, because you still think he’s going to help you," he writes. "But you’ve been played, sucker-punched, duped. You can continue to believe Trump has your back, but the evidence is already overwhelming that the people his presidency will hurt most are those at the bottom who gave him their trust."

Yet many of these people still support him, even when it's clear he's smearing them under his heel. Why?

"Donald Trump’s speeches make them feel good," Egan quotes writer Kevin Williamson. "So does OxyContin." That's particularly ironic, given that white working class men are Trump's strongest supporters and also the population segment with the most per-capita OxyContin addictions.

So there you have it. Trump is a drug and we're all on his very bad trip. And like all bad trips, it will not end well.

I urge you to share Egan's column with any Trump supporters you might know. They need some tough love.


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  2. He's just perfect.


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