26 April 2017

The Mirage

New York magazine published an excellent article Monday (link here) with the title "Trump Is Writing Fake Executive Orders Because He Doesn’t Know How to Be President."

Republicans had paroxysms whenever President Obama signed executive orders, screaming about overreach while ignoring the fact he had signed fewer such orders than recent Republican Presidents. In contrast, Donald Trump is signing far more executive orders than Obama ever did but GOP members are silent or actually applauding the current President.

Executive orders are typically substantive, serious documents to remedy specific problems when Congress has failed to act or to fulfill statutory requirements.

Trump, however, is not doing that. Many of his executive orders are extremely minor and pointless exercises in window dressing. They often amount to nothing more than ordering a study group about a particular issue, something already in the power of the President to do without a specific order.

Previous Presidents rarely signed executive orders in public. They saved signing ceremonies for important pieces of legislation from Congress.

Not Trump. He has a public signing ceremony for every executive order, no matter how minor, complete with press photographers and flanked by applauding sycophants.

He does this to create a mirage that he's actually "getting stuff done," as he repeatedly calls it. He's had utterly no legislative accomplishments in his first hundred days, unlike all previous recent Presidents, Republican and Democrat alike, so he creates a mirage of achieve with these ludicrous orders and dog-and-pony signing ceremonies.

His supporters buy this bullshit. Most of us who don't support him know it's just a sham. The media, however, needs to focus more on this, as New York magazine thankfully has done with this piece.

I urge you to read the article and share it with friends and acquaintances who may incorrectly insist that Trump is "getting stuff done." It's further proof of the endless deceit coming out of the Trump White House.


  1. Anonymous04:54

    Y hasta cuando continuara esto?. Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. His latest «Executive Order» about our Canadian lumber and milk products is outrageous.

    Every USA administrations tried to go against the lumber contract for over 15years and, each time, it was denied by international commercial court.

    Something quite odd is that «Trumpty Dumpty» is complaining about our deal accusing Canadian producters and our governements BUT, he must ask himself IF YOUR people who negociated and signed the deal in the past were COMPETANT enough.??

    What kind of men of the USA did negociated it?

    For us, ordinary Canadians are so fed up with Trumpty Dumpty changing his mind more often than he changes shirts, that we are beginning to build up a HUGE opposition to boycott ALL American products or containing USA products in them.

    Canada is a main commercial partner of USA since 1860 and more but Trumpty Dumpty is forgetting that USA needs some of our natural ressources.

    USA needs our oil and electricity too...
    Why should we continue to sell oil to you?
    Why should we (Province of Québec) continue to sell «cheap» electricity to our states neighbors so they can profit of a cheap air conditioning in summer time and heat in winter?

    We are 10 times less populated than USA and we know that from your point of view we must be seen as negligeable.
    BUT we are open to sell our goods in other countries and USA to us is just another country among them.

    Mexico, South America,China, Europe, Africa are open more and more to our natural ressources and products.
    Many Canadian commercial deals are already made and USA cannot stop us to trade with them.

    When Trumpty Dumpty says that he want to save good American jobs and is fighting on USA/Canada trade deals, he is shooting in his own foot.

    By fighting the lumber deal, the price of your houses will stake up for one example.

    This president will make American Weak Again.

  3. Anonymous21:28

    Dear JIEL,

    We get it, Canada rocks and USA sucks. The electorate made a mistake. But we don't have elections again for President until 2020, and for Congress until 19 months from now. Congress won't likely remove him until he does something much more egregious, and it'll take months for that to get done even if Trump's already done something bad enough. Beating Americans up every other day here doesn't make any of us feel better about our future. Can you ease up on us? We're sorry.




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