19 April 2017

The Fallacy

The New York Times published an excellent editorial Monday (link here) with the title "The LGBT Trump Fallacy." The piece makes many of the points I've written here on this blog in the last several months.

The op-ed begins by walking through the familiar narrative. Trump holds the rainbow flag upside down for a few seconds in a Colorado campaign rally. LGBT Republicans swoon and gush about how their party has finally turned the corner with an LGBT-friendly candidate.

And then reality hit. As President, Trump has repeatedly bowed to powerful LGBT-hating interests and all but ignored the LGBT community.

The op-ed notes: "the nomination of several key officials, who have disparaged the LGBT community and sought to curtail the rights of its members, has exposed the narrative that Mr. Trump would be a champion of gay and transgender people as a fallacy.

"'It has been a catastrophe,' said Mara Keisling, the executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality and a leading strategist behind a string of legal and policy victories the community achieved during the Obama administration. 'Every twitch we’ve seen from the administration has been anti-LGBT.'"

The piece then provides more examples of other moves the Trump Administration has taken to hurt LGBT Americans.

If the op-ed falls short, however, it is in letting Trump off the hook for the true reason why his promise to the LGBT community and the reality we've seen bear little resemblance: he lies habitually and repeatedly promises things he has no intention of delivering.

Trump has done so little for LGBT Americans while concurrently doing so much to hurt LGBT Americans that it's time to retire the canard that he's pro-LGBT. Instead, he's been busy grinding his heel into LGBT Americans' backs and there's every sign that he will continue to do so. All the while continuing to lie.


  1. Anonymous05:21

    Quien podría confiar en falsas promesas.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. After seeing the serie «When We Rise», I understood more in what kind of «Mary go round» or «Cha-cha dance» the USA LGBT are going through for decades.

    With «Trumpty Dumpty» that isn't going to change and even will be going back to the 60's for LGBT rights.

    As I always say, as long as religion and politics will go hand to hand in USA, nothing will change in your country.

    A country that says that you are champions of the «Human Rights» is also a hypocrite one when you cannot even do it in your own country.

    To me, Islamic extremists and USA Christian extremists are both very dangerous ones and are equally a threat to the «Equal Rights» for any part of society and more for LGBT rights in those country.

    In some Islamic countries, they KILL gays as if they were criminals.

    USA is far from it but not that much after all if you think of many gay bashings done in the past years in USA.
    Many were beaten and even killed by «narrow minded rednecks». ...

    Your constitution is outdated and needs to be modernized to be more accurate to the 21st century.

    As long as religion is part of USA politics, nothing will change.

    God Bless America is to be changed.


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