13 April 2017

Karma Payday

Kenneth Adkins is an ordained minister and black conservative from Georgia who gained a lot of headlines last year.

Some of those headlines followed his enthusiastic endorsement of Donald Trump during the campaign. While African-American public support for Trump was quite thin, Adkins enthusiastically spoke to the press about the candidate a number of times, including to CNN last May in a nationally televised segment (link here). Trump also invited Adkins to at least one special event for supporters held in Manhattan at the Trump Tower.

And Adkins also earned a lot of headlines last year in controversial public comments after the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando when he said LGBT patrons "got what they deserved" (details here). He later tried to qualify those comments as being about a city ordinance and not the mass slaying.

Earlier this week, Adkins got some karma payback when a jury convicted him on eight counts relating to child molestation (details here). This is not Adkins first criminal conviction; his record stretches all the way back to the 1980s.

To borrow from Adkins own phrasing, "he got what he deserved."

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