05 April 2017

The Swamp

How many times did we hear Donald Trump promise to go to Washington to "drain the swamp" during the 2016 campaign?

Ten weeks into his administration, not only has he not drained the swamp, he's made it much worse, a fact that The New York Times highlighted yesterday in an editorial (link here) titled "A Peek Into the White House Swamp."

While Trump's White House crows about being "the most transparent White House ever," the opposite is true, as the op-ed establishes. This excerpt gives you a good idea of their indictment:

"Trump has no commitment to ethics or transparency. His failure to shed his business ties and release financial records makes him the most suspect, conflicted president in modern history. If the boss doesn’t care about accountability, why should anyone else?"

This excerpt is also of interest: "Trump has boasted about bans on lobbying by executive branch officials, but the White House staff can be granted waivers from any ethical restrictions with no reason given and no disclosure of who gets them. The entire White House could be exempt and Americans would never know it."

Indeed, as Politico reported earlier in the week (link here), Trump's former campaign manager has already set up a lobbying operation to specifically make introductions to his White House.

The piece leads off by saying "Trump’s former campaign hands are rushing to sign lucrative deals with foreign clients, shrugging off their own pledges to avoid foreign lobbying and the president’s vow to 'drain the swamp.'"

The "drain the swamp" pledge has become so laughably false that even conservative Republicans are now mocking him for his hypocrisy (source here). For instance, Congressman Justin Amash tweeted "it didn't take long for the swamp to drain @realDonaldTrump. No shame, Mr. President."

But, of course, notwithstanding this blizzard of lies about the swap, we should continue to believe Trump's promises to the LGBT community, because he waived an upside-down rainbow flag for two seconds.


  1. Anonymous04:24

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  2. Against what most countries in the world are attempting to do to clean the air and the water of the planet, «Trumpty Dumpty» is making retrograde policies to «Make America more Polluted Again» with his «Clean Coal Act» and more by reducing the subventions to science and clean renewal energies.
    Not to mention that he is going on for the pipeline of Keystone against all the odds and scientific advices that this is very dangerous for the underground fresh waters.

    HE will create a HUGE swamp all over his country make at risk the health of his own citizens.

    More, USA people that are not rich will struggle more on their heath care and will be ending in death because they'll have no money to afford their health care and medecine etc..

    Not mentioning the HUGE, UNBELEIVABLE foreign short views and actions which will end with a BIG BIG mess.
    He is a poor business man with many bankrupties at his account and more now, a BAD BAD politician without knowledge of what is at stake on the international scene.

    May God has pity of USA people and more, of us on the north border and all the other democratic countries.

    This man is crazy.


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