23 February 2018

Aztec Warrior

The top in the scene below, who goes by Ledger at least in porn land, as been featured here on the blog several times before. He's sporting a new look with longer hair and more muscles and reminds me of how I imagine an Aztec Warrior might appear. Ledger could have Native American heritage but he also could of Filipino ancestry -- I cannot tell.

The bottom has also appeared here on the blog before, too, and goes by Zane. He's allegedly straight, but for a straight lad, he seems to enjoy a hard cock in his mouth or ass quite a bit.

The photos posted today are part of a large collection featuring more than six hundred images of both Ledger and Zane in action from five different shoots. One is the two of them paired; two more are of Ledger paired with other lads, and the other two or Zane paired with different blokes.

To download the complete group of all photos in a free zipped folder, you need to click here. And note that the previous posts linked above all have photo sets that can still be downloaded, too.

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