10 February 2018

Late Breaking Items

Several important stories broke last night regarding the Trump administration. I'll just briefly summarize them and then link to leading news reports.

The first story to break was the news that Rachel Brand, the third-highest official at the Justice Department, is leaving after less than a year on the job (details here). If Donald Trump were to orchestrate the ouster of Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in an attempt to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading a criminal investigation into the President and his associates, Brand would be someone ee standing in the way.

It's too early to know the truth behind why she's leaving. Was she pushed out the door by someone inside the Trump White House or was this simply a coincidental departure with her leaving a sinking ship.

The second story to break was the shocker that John Kelly, Trump's Chief of Staff, his second within the first year of his administration, has offered to resign because of the Rob Porter scandal (details here). Kelly has been on thinning ice for quite some time and Trump has already entertained replacements, so the next few days should tell whether or not this comes to anything.

Third came the breaking news that yet another top-level White House official was leaving because of domestic abuse allegations (details here). This is the sixth senior White House official to leave in the last forty-eight hours plus several top Justice Department officials (details here).

Fourth came the bizarre breaking news that CIA and the NSA had paid $100,000 to a Russian hacker to return stolen classified secrets, and the hacker unexpectedly provided what he claimed was compromising intelligence on Trump (details here). The deal ultimately fell through but this will certainly be something to watch because the aftershocks could be telling.

Last but certainly not least came possibly what will be the biggest breaking story of all for the month: the fact that Trump has blocked release of the rebuttal memo to the highly slanted and misleading GOP memo about a former Trump campaign official, notwithstanding the House Intelligence Committee unanimously voted to release it (details here). This Nixonian move by Trump is deeply corrupt because he's clearly trying to hide something that would be damaging to him.

Some of these items will almost certainly result in intense political blowback. Stay tuned.


  1. Anonymous03:46

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  2. All those White House stories are like «soap shows» to follow day by day and even hour after hour.

    The latest bad news was the Bob Roberts women abusing case and now, seems that many of those «fine people» or «very qualified» men to leave the sinking boat.
    The cherry over the Sunday is that «45» not mentioning in anytime the women that suffered of those domestic abusers.
    Not surprising knowing how «HE» can grab women by their pussy and going out with prostitutes.

    Seems that the so called Chritian America is going insane even if those same Christians are in charge in the capital.

    So hypocrites and bigot men that are acting like «Dr Jekil and M.Hide». Publicly correct but privatly are women abusers or even pediphile of I recall the Roy More case who Trumpty Dumpty even gave him his support.

    USA is a sick country.


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