26 February 2018

New Year, New Hair

The lad appearing below has been featured here on the blog several times before. He goes by Mathias in porn and perhaps in real life. His hair has grown out of the military cut, and I think he looks way hotter because of it.

He has now bottomed for a second time in a scene, so his cherry-popping one wasn't just an experiment. Either that or he actually did bottom for the first time when he tried it, and liked it so much he wanted to make it a regular thing.

There are two download sets for you to enjoy today, each with about fifty photographs. The first one (link here) features Mathias in a flip-flop scene and the second one (link here) features Mathias topping another lad. All download sets in previous Mathias posts, first linked in this entry, are still active and available, too.

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  1. Anonymous04:31

    Matias luce super.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta


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