14 February 2018


The Trump White House is now a slow-motion trainwreck as revelations about the new Rob Porter scandal deepen. Porter resigned last week when the media alleged that he had brutally abused his two ex-wives when he was still married to them.

Until recently, the White House pretended ignorance about Porter's history and blamed the FBI for delaying his security clearance investiation. Yesterday, however, that claim was revealed to be a lie by FBI Director Christopher Wray (details here) who testified before Congress that the investigation was completed months ago and the final report sent immediately to Donald Trump's senior staff.

The bottom line is clear: Porter would never have passed the necessary security clearance to retain his job. So Trump's administration simply buried the report, let Porter keep his job, and then lied to the public when it claimed his investigation was still ongoing (details here).

As often happens in such matters, someone at the White House will be made to walk the plank to take the blame for this widening mess. Axios intimated yesterday that scapegoat may be Chief of Staff John Kelly (link here) whom Trump now openly loathes, according to many media reports.

Adding more fuel to the fire, CNN broke the story later yesterday (link here) that Porter was up for a promotion at the White House, notwithstanding senior officials knew about his abusive background and the fact that he never could have passed a final security clearance.

For his part, Trump made the problem a much bigger disaster over the weekend when he tweeted support for domestic abusers and, in the process, dissed their abused parters. Once again, he proved he's his own worst enemy.

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  1. OMG!
    Again we see how «amateurs» are those guys in the White House thinking that they can do anything regardless of any rules to provide honest and legal actions.

    The first to blame is «45» who is the greatest liar in the house.
    Just hearing and seeing Sanders trying to hide all those shitty mess in front of the press yesterday was a hell of a show. She is trying to give fake reasons to hide the mess and the sinking boat that is the White House.

    Now, even Kushner is in the verge to have many issues for his security clearance.

    There is someone in the White House that isn't doing his job and John Kelly seems to be one of them.

    As Trumpty Dumpty wanted to «clean the swamp», he is putting more shit in it that anything.

    It's so «funny», «clownesque» to follow all of this like a hilarious and humoristic TV show.
    The kind of soap show that just USA is capable to put on air.

    PS. Did you see that even your Olympic sloap style gold medal, Sean White, was a former abuser. He tried to put away the questions from the press by saying it was only «gossips».
    OMG! What is going on in USA where males are potential abusers and can get away such easily with it?


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