19 February 2018


Over the weekend, as Friday's indictment firestorm began to weigh on him, the President on Twitter went from elated that no one in his campaign had been accused to unhinged fury at the television programs he was obviously watching that called him a fool for thinking he was somehow vindicated.

Trump's Twitter trantrum tirade was nothing short of a national embarrassment.

As is typical, Donald Trump blamed everyone and anyone for the ever-growing scandal, with the exception of Russia and Vladimir Putin. Once again, he refuses to say anything negative about the dictator and his brutal, corrupt regime (details here).

In the wake of the national crisis of Russia meddling in America's 2016 election, with every sign they will try it again this year, Trump has apparently decided to do nothing but blame everyone else.

"Imagine how history would have judged Franklin D. Roosevelt in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, if he had taken to the radio airwaves to declare that Tokyo was 'laughing their asses off,'" wrote Karen Tumulty at the Washington Post (link here). "Or if George W. Bush had stood in the rubble of the World Trade Center with a bullhorn and launched a name-calling tirade against the Democrats.... These are the moments that test a country — and a President. They call for bringing people together in a sense of national purpose against a common adversary. Once again, Trump has failed that test."

At the New York Times, Tom Friedman wrote a thoughtful piece (link here) with the title "Whatever Trump Is Hiding Is Hurting All of Us Now."

Friedman says: "Trump is either totally compromised by the Russians or is a towering fool, or both, but either way he has shown himself unwilling or unable to defend America against a Russian campaign to divide and undermine our democracy.... Trump is either hiding something so threatening to himself, or he’s criminally incompetent to be commander in chief."

Will Republicans in Congress continue looking away as if nothing is happening or will they now finally get off their asses and do something?

Stay tuned.

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