04 February 2018

The Traitor

In May 2017, Donald Trump foolishly revealed highly classified information to Russia's foreign minister and ambassador notwithstanding it was never cleared with the source, which turned out to be Israel (details here). Many Democrats and some Republicans were appalled but Trump's GOP supporters claimed it was a non-issue.

This past week, Israeli journalist Ronen Bergman revealed in a National Public Radio interview that Trump's careless sharing of top-secret intelligence was much more serious than previously reported (details here). Bergman is widely praised as a definitive source on American, Israeli, and other nation's intelligence matters.

The interviewer asked: "So if I understand it, you know of specific information that the U.S. shared with the Russians that has not been revealed publicly and that you are not revealing publicly?"

Bergman responded: "The nature of the information that President Trump revealed to Foreign Minister Lavrov is of the most secretive nature. And that information could jeopardize modus operandi of Israeli intelligence."

The interviewer then asked: "And this is different from what was publicly reported at the time. There were some question about, you know, plans for, I think, laptop computers on airlines. This - you're referring to something that we don't yet know."

Bergman responded: "Most of it, we don't yet know. And there were conflicting reports. I cannot - in order not to be part of disclosing secret information and jeopardizing Israeli and the U.S. ability to track down terrorists and proliferate, I prefer not to go into the details of that."

Trump is a traitor. Whether by careless accident or calculated intention. No wonder Putin and his inner circle think the American President is an incompetent fool who will do their bidding.

Congress, get rid of this man. Pence would be awful but no where near as bad as Trump.

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