15 February 2018

Red Light Green Light

Newsweek published an excellent short piece yesterday (link here) about how, despite overwhelming and conclusive evidence that Russia, under Vladimir Putin's direction, interferred in the 2016 American elections and is already doing the same in the 2018 midterms, Donald Trump still doesn't believe it's real and has not directed anyone in his administration to do anything about it.

Hence Trump's inaction and disbelief are sending a clear signal to Moscow: Keep it up!

At a minimum, Trump is taking this stance because, to admit interference was and is a real threat, it somehow deligitimizes his winning the White House.

At worst, it means Trump is a willing agent of Moscow and is happy to undermine American democracy.

Either option is horrible. And tragically Republicans in Congress will continue to look the other way because they think it benefits their party, thus putting politics before country.

The White House is occupied by a quavering coward and protected by corrupt enablers on Capitol Hill. What a sorry state of affairs.


  1. Anonymous07:48

    A sorry state of affairs is an understatement.

  2. OMFG!
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  3. Anonymous04:06

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