19 February 2018

Rent Reduction

When sophmore Archer responds to a roommate-wanted listing and learns the rent is only $100 a month, he snaps it up on the spot. His two new roommates, both graduate students, seem like really nice guys.

In fact, the night after Archer moves in, they kindly help him rehearse his scene for drama class. And when they're finished, Jason, one of his new roommates, asks him casually, "hey, you into spitroasts, dude?"

"Sure," Archer replies. "I love barbecue. You need some help?"

"You bet," Jason replies as he pushes Archer to his knees and opens his fly. "Now be quiet and suck my cock as Mark lubes your ass."

Mark was featured here before on this blog as was Jason here. Both download sets with those posts are still active.

The originals for the photos posted today are much larger than they appear below and include about six hundred fifty images from ten different hardcore shoots, including many more shots of Archer being tag-teamed by Jason and Mark. To download the complete collection in a free zipped folder, you need to click here.

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