27 January 2013

Alternative Video Double Feature

The Xvideos site is having some kind of problem at the moment -- vids are extremely slow in loading -- so here are a few hot flicks I found at one of their competitor's sites. Clicking on either vid will open a new tab with the flick playing in a larger window.

1 comment:

  1. That first video was such a turn on! Although it was brief, that was the hottest frotting scene I have ever seen.

    The only let down in the whole video was when Mr. Top scolded Mr. Bottom to "swallow my fuckin' load, bitch" at the end. It seemed out of context. They seemed so sweet together up until then.

    It's also a shame that Mr. Bottom never found out if Mr. Top's ass really did taste like Heaven.

    By the way, it was so nice of that total stranger to leave the boys white towels and a condom. That beach should get four stars for their neighborly attitude.

    Great video!

    Leo G.


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