18 January 2013

Get Naked and Take Your Picture

I imagine when Steve Jobs invented the iPhone he never realized hot naked guys would photograph themselves and put their photos on the Internet.

There should be a word for unintended positive consequences of an invention. Of course "serendipity" works in a way, but that has unrelated uses, too.

By the way, I have first dibs on the second lad. And then I'll move on to one and three together.


  1. It's too bad that most of the photos guys take with iPhones are using mirrors and are usually blurry.

  2. My first thought was that the title of the post was a request of your readers!

    I'll take the second to last one than-you-very-much!

  3. Anonymous16:52

    Wow!!! All great looking dudes.. nice arms, cocks, hell nice everything..but if I had to pick one it would be the dude in pix #4, I am not a "size queen, but I could feast on that cock for days and nights.. I want him in my bed, and I would do "all" the work.:):):):)

  4. Don't I LOVE the digital era.

  5. I little blurry - I can cope. I LOVE the digital era

  6. Anonymous11:15

    So sexy


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