11 January 2013

Big Brutes

Some might think brute is an insult when describing a man, but I don't share that opinion. I hear a man called a brute and I think of a big strapping stud with slabs of muscle and straining with testosterone overload.

He needs release and he needs it now. Sure, he might get a little rough accidentally, but he can take it as much as he dishes it out. He's not afraid to growl out fuck me harder.


  1. Anonymous06:48

    The stud in the B/W photo does cam shows on the site cam4.com! He is very friendly and sexy as hell, he likes to wrestle!

  2. Anonymous17:27

    Ah, my kind of man, they can be called many things.. Brutes, Bears, Beefy, Studs, Hunks, they are the Big Boys, and I love them... The only problem, is you have to have a really big bed, if they stay the night:))))))))

  3. Anonymous04:25

    Anyone know their names?


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