03 January 2013

Ben & Hairy

Fearing he would fail Introductory Calculus, Ben was relieved when Professor Kelly invited him to his home for some special tutoring. The professor even cooked him dinner and shared a joint with him afterwards.

"Now Ben," the professor said as they relaxed on the couch. "The easiest way for you to earn a B in my class is to suck my cock."

"What do I have to do to earn an A, sir?" young Ben asked.

"Bend over and I'll show you," answered the professor.


  1. Anonymous06:23

    Damn, that is one hell of a hot bear. Does anybody know who his name?

    1. I believe his name is Tim Kelly.

  2. I alway thought grizzled older men were sexy even before I was a grizzled older man myself.

    Leo G.

  3. Always nice to see a "daddy" taking care of his "son". I like the age difference when it comes to sex.


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