01 January 2013

Joe & Justin

These stills are from a 1985 porn magazine. The two lads are Justin Cade and Joe Cade. They share a last name and were boyfriends for a while but they are not related. They both appeared in porn, usually in separate features, but made a few scenes together where they were billed as "cousins."

I had this magazine way back when and it fueled a fair amount of single-handed fantasies. Alas, it lost long ago when everything I owned was consummed in a fire. Thanks in part with some help from the internet, my memories remain fresh.


  1. I find these two men hot too, since they are wearing jeans!
    If I had the mag, it would have been worn out and pages stuck together due to excess reading and drooling! Was yours still in good shape? Hummmmm.

  2. Oh yes I remember this well!

  3. Of course the next question is where are they now and what has happened to them since the photos were taken. There has to be more to so many men we've JO to than cock & ass.

  4. Gosh. I remember when men looked like this. Back 20, 30 years ago, this was what sexy looked like. Thanks.

    Leo G.

  5. Anonymous11:06

    Joe is in LA and sexy stilll..he has a great ass and still has that cock!


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