17 January 2013

Torn Jeans World

Somewhere in a parallel universe, you'll find Torn Jeans World, where all the men are hot and most of them are wearing jeans, or are falling out of jeans, or have just taken off their jeans. Seen below are a few inhabitants of Torn Jeans World, who frequently get all horned up from seeing their hot friends in and out of jeans.


  1. Wow! How nice of you to mention me! All I was asking was to be on your list at right. Hope you have a pair of torn jeans and cut offs to go with that hot body of yours! Thank you for the mention!

  2. I want number 4. I'll help him with the wife beater and then move on down.

  3. Anonymous03:22

    LOve the last one! Sooo messy - yummy.

  4. Anonymous09:54

    What the hell happened to 3 down, Derrick Davenport (aka Derrick Greenleaf)??? I was hoping to see some man on man action with this guy at some point, but he ups and disappears without trace?! There is a solo jerk vid or two knocking about if you look hard enough...and i mean hard. Not a tall guy, but perfectly formed in every single way, big, BIG dick, he's perfection. Come back Derrick wherever you are!!!


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