08 January 2013

At the Museum

"Excuse me sir. You'll have to leave."


"You're naked."

"I am aware of that."

"We do not allow naked people in our museum."

"But you have artwork featuring naked people."

"I realize that. But naked art can't pop a boner. You could. And you're very nice to look at, by the way, much better than the usual nutters who take off all their clothes in here. May I touch your cock?"

"I think I'll leave now."

"Thanks for visiting Vienna's Leopold Museum, sir. And thank goodness this wasn't the United States, where you would've been shot with a taser, arrested, and charged with a sex crime."


  1. Anonymous07:23

    The guy in the suit may not be asking him to leave. He could be setting up an encounter in the rest room.

  2. one thing's for sure - with my as the security guard he wouldn't have had to leave, he wouldn't!!!

  3. Anonymous11:25

    Love it, and he leaves proud as a "peacock", too damn funny, love the smirk on his face..


  4. Anonymous12:06

    he was visiting an exhibition about male nudity in art and being a piece of art himself, he surely belonged there!

  5. Anonymous05:04

    OMG I know this guy. He is Danish and named Rune. So hot! Sucked his dick once.


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