02 January 2013

Max aka Mike

This lad is very hot, whatever his real name might be -- on some sites he's Max whilst on others he's Mike. He has a body to kill for plus a thick uncut cock.

He has both bottomed and topped in gay porn, which is always a wonderful thing. If you want to see him topping, do a Google search for this exact phrase (including the quotes) "Max fucks Manuel DeBoxer" and you'll probably find him in all his sweaty pumping glory.


  1. he's awesome! NOTHING LIKE A HOT SOLO!!!

  2. Fantastic video. Great looking guy. It's just too bad Max/Mike had such a lackluster finish. As feverishly as he was stroking it, I thought sure he was going to shoot his eye out. When all was done, he had a wet thumb and a dry stomach.

    I guess that happens to the best of us. Better fuck next time.

    Leo G.

  3. Anonymous06:15

    Thanks for alerting me to Manuel deboxer - what a hottie, and obviously really into kissing!


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