13 January 2013

Interracial Ecstasy

I really enjoyed this video and hope you do, too. Hot flip-flopping is the best kind of sex. This film was apparently just posted by someone on Xvideos within the last day, so hopefully it will stay up a little while.


  1. Anonymous08:59

    Very hot video- good-looking men with nice dicks but I will say it again (or ask it). . . "Where's the Stiff?" They both seemed very into each other but stayed mushy the whole time.

  2. Anonymous14:56

    So HOT!

  3. Really really HOT... dont have words to describe... great find mate.

  4. Anonymous14:37

    the original start of the film was the white guy coming over to fix the television which was unplugged and thus the comment at the end about "watching tv".

  5. Anonymous07:38

    The love and respect these two have fot one another is beautiful just like the love making,

  6. wonderful view of two guys were fantastic sex, really appealed to me.


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