14 January 2013


This very hot lad is named Jesse Jackman. A Bostonian, he's 38, weighs 230 pounds, and stands 6'1". He does fitness modeling but you probably recognize him from porn, where he both tops and bottoms.

He has done some porn scenes whilst wearing glasses, a look that really works for him. There's nothing hotter than a big bull stud wearing glasses drenched in cum. Sadly, I could not find any pictures of him in a spectacled state.


  1. Anonymous07:54

    he's an amazing combination of super-hot BODY and super-hot MUG ... great smile and such awesome eyes !!

  2. Anonymous10:00

    forgot to mention his great hot cock !!

  3. If his penis is that huge flaccid I can't imagine what it looks like hard.

    In every nude picture, he holds his fist over his pubes. Is he hiding a tatoo or is he just showing his penis who's boss?

    Leo G.

  4. Anonymous21:09

    Wow, Big Boy, Big everything... All man, just the way I like them...


  5. Anonymous13:40

    All hard cock picks, curves down. Watch onr of his videos.


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