12 January 2013

Saturday Cum Theatre

The weekend has arrived, which usually means a video program here, and this one is no exception. First up is a flick someone just added this week at the Xvideos site. I linked that here straight away as it may not last but a few days. The second one has been around for a while but still is as hot as the day it was shot.

Have fun and remember that cum cleans out of upholstery easier if you wait until it dries. Then use a stiff brush to remove the dried residue completely and no one will ever notice you were a naughty lad.


  1. the guy, nick, in the first video used to have a blog when he lived in Florida before he was a porn star... ha! good to see he's doing well. dan

  2. That 's one noisy bitch in the 1st vid. Thanks for posting.

  3. Anonymous13:12

    The hunky, hairy top in the second film is the famous Gus Mattox--always a dependable, exciting performer. I think this sequence is from a Falcon film called "The Recruit."


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