29 October 2013

A Wholesome Marine

The smooth lad in the pairing below is Ryan Rose. He's a bit too young for my taste, but I wouldn't chase him home without fucking him first.

He has a squeaky-clean wholesome look about him that you could see him in a 1950s musical. So the contrast is all the more striking when you see him with a fat cock in his mouth and cum on his lips.

You can see in the last photo of the pair below that he has a large US Marine Corps tattoo. He really was a Marine when he looked decidedly more baby faced, as the last photo documents.

He has tons of photos now in his Twitter feed of him getting fucked and fucking some bloke and sucking cock. He also works as a rentboy, and of course appears in gay porn both as a top and a bottom.

I have to imagine he's the real thing and not gay for pay. So I wonder if he realized he was gay when he was still a Marine. He was in during the "don't ask, don't tell" years, so if he was sucking cocks then, he had to do it on the down low.

I always think of these things when I see hot young servicemen waiting for flights at the airport. I wonder how many of those lads aren't thinking of the girl they left behind but the cock they'll be missing.

I'm guessing there is little cocksucking going on in USMC barracks themselves. I'd be delighted to be proven wrong.


  1. Anonymous14:11

    He also got in some sort of problem with his ex-boyfriend by getting in a fight with him outside some bar (I think the police might have even been called). He did a lot of Sean Cody videos.

  2. He gave an interview and said he first got into men while in the Marines. He related an incident of having sex with another Marine in a barracks shower late at night. He always seems to be incredibly cheerful and very enthusiastic about his partners.


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