09 October 2013

Paying the Mechanic

You'll recognize Lane Fuller here, who appeared early this week in still photos in the entry "Rough Trade Cowboy." Here he is a little younger and less filled out. The mechanic exacting pay is Chris Steele, a big alpha stud who isn't afraid to give Lane an inventive and memorable fuck.

This scene is well directed and produced by incorporating elements like the lift and tire swing into the action. Most porn directors would just film lads in coveralls going at it in an auto shop, so for all intents and purposes it could've been shot anywhere, from a drycleaner to a library.

If you want to watch this on the Xvideos page, you'll need to click here.


  1. Anonymous12:51

    Okay--you're on a Lane Fuller jag--thank you very much...Do remember this "hot" combo from dim dark past. Hilariously juicy porn moment--Chris's hydraulic descent, Lane's attempt at "expression"--Well-we know what he does--or how he's "done" best...

  2. You have to admit... Lane looks much hotter without that silly winged tattoo on his beautiful back. And now that I've seen his "just the right size" dick in action, I love him all the more..

    I also loved the dramatic, campy hydraulic lift entrance of Chris. It's great to see a big bruiser like him make a grand, over-the-top, entrance. Chris is beefy but naturally so. I loved him too.

    Very hot guys. Great video, my friend.

    Leo G.

    1. Leo, I read somewhere that Lane's back tat was temporary art and lasted only a few weeks.

    2. I'm glad to hear it.

      Leo G.


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