16 October 2013

Party in My Pants

I know Ken Ryker had his detractors in his day, but I always found him very hot. He denied being gay for a good long time, then finally settled on saying he was bisexual.

He retired from porn nearly ten years ago and had a few problems with DUI arrests thereafter. Someone has a Twitter page under the name of Ken Ryker but who knows if that's really him. If so, it sounds like he's escorting in New York and Los Angeles, but again that could be just some wanker's fantasy to pretend he's a porn star when he's really an accountant from Dubuque.

As before, if you would prefer to view this directly on the Xvideos site, please click here.


  1. Anonymous09:44

    The perfect man -- hands down!
    (I would not kick the bottom out of bed.)

  2. Ken Ryker is so hot! I used to watch his videos all the time. I'm falling in love again.

    I felt a little sorry for his young partner (Trent Atkins). There is a quick unflattering shot (at about 5:42) which makes him look like he's hung like a six year old boy. That water must have been so very cold! Later, the little fellow manages to grows a few inches and shows us what he's really got.

    The young fellow also looks like he's suffering and not really enjoying himself (9:52). If you miss it, the editor seemingly used the same footage again at 10:46. I hate when they do that.

    Very hot video although the music left a little to be desired. It would have been nice to hear a few moans.

    More please...

    Leo G.

  3. Anonymous19:38

    you know. Ken Ryker was one of my idols of the 90's and I thought he was a GOD made into human, his looks, his blond hair, that tall lean muscular body, that inocent look on his handsome face, and a big dick to go with all that. But when he denied he was gay it was a turn off for me I hate gays for pay. bUT if you see in detail, on his movies, he hardly has a hard dick enough for a penetration, he's always squezzing the bottom of his long dick to get it hard enough to do it!!! what a waste of a perfect man!! I seen newer pics of him and he still has the looks and body to drive half of the human race crazy, and good enough to continue to do porn, but came on!!! ARE YOU GAY OR WHAT???

  4. Anonymous06:10

    The mighty KR does still look sturdy & sexy as hell--even "jammed"(...somewhat awkwardly) into his this unfortunate "quickie" film, with so little production value--and his little lackluster partner--Sorry to say, all these guys, even with what they "bring to the table"(ahem!...) benefit from "enhancements" and "well-equipped" directors and production teams--Beautiful, proud, and apparently confused Ken should never have bolted from the fold...

  5. In the early days of his porn career he went by the name of Bill Flagstaff. I doubt either is his real name.


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