11 October 2013

Her Hirsute Husband

An unknown woman shot these artistic erotic stills of her husband and put them online. He's not model hot, but he is average bloke hot. He's nicely hirsute, and as we can see in the bathtub shot, he has a thick patch of crotch pubes.

He probably realizes when she put these online that lads would enjoy them, too. By not objecting, he reveals he's not a homophobe. He doesn't give a shit if other men are enjoying his body, too. I like him for that.


  1. Anonymous10:44

    I love "average" straight men. so HOT.. Speaking of hot, pic#3 is, his manly back and legs against the snow in the backround, and I would certainly take care of him, till his broken leg got better in pic #5.. hell all the pics are great.

    Hey more wifes should send in pics of their "average" Joe's:):)

  2. Anonymous12:27

    Very, very nice. Thank you for sharing. He's got just the kind of body that turns me on, and looks "natural" and approachable. If our paths crossed in opposite directions on a bike trail, I'd turn around to follow him for at least a while just to enjoy watching his butt on the bike seat and the musculature of his back.

  3. Yes, he's a very hot guy. I love the fact that is wife appreciates and celebrates his hotness.... and that he was willing to have erotic pics taken of himself.

  4. I love the wood floor in the last picture... get it?... wood... like the floor is wooden and an erect penis is called wood... you know... wood? Never mind.

    Leo G.


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