21 October 2013

Manbutt Monday

The weekend is over but do not despair. Here are some fine examples of prime manbutt to brighten your Monday morning.

The third picture looks like an amateur photo and also looks like Guy Pearce. Could his wife have snapped this?

Most of these are larger than they appear here, so right click to examine closely and save.


  1. Anonymous06:16

    You could call Kate and ask her.

  2. Anonymous12:09

    LOVELY buns

  3. Anonymous15:45

    I like all those pics, why? I'm a lover of the male butt!! Hairy, smooth, beefy, bubble, ALL of it.. Thanks, I hope you make "Prime Manbutt" a regular postting on your site..

    At my gym, is a communal shower, if dudes are shy to show their cocks, they turn around, never thinking your checking their butts out too.. It's a win-win for me:):)

    Again Thanks...


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