15 October 2013

Seduceable Studs

All of these tempting lads appeared on the very enticing Tumblr blog Digital Binge/Digital Purge, one of a number that I regularly follow. The blogger uses a wide variety of material but rarely are the men uninteresting, particularly the naked ones. I highly recommend the site for regular daily viewing.


  1. Thank goodness you're still up and running. When there wasn't a new posting by the usual time, I was worried. Keep up the good work.

    There pictures were worth the wait.

    Leo G.

  2. Anonymous14:55

    The second picture is Stuart Reardon, professional rugby player from England.

  3. Anonymous09:07

    I totally agree with Leo. All those guys are HOT.. hairy and beefy, just the way I like my men..

  4. Anonymous06:02

    Perfect for servicing young guys.


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