28 October 2013

Monday Masculinity

Here are some big strapping manly men to make your Monday less mundane. None of these blokes could ever be called a twink, and in my book, that's a good thing. Twinks are fine when you want some candy, but for some real red-blooded meat, you need masculine men.


  1. Anonymous08:22

    Mondays could be fun if a couple of those guys were co-workers.

  2. Anonymous10:33

    I wouldn't turn any of these gents away if they came knocking on my back door. But my favorite is the second fellow. It's a combination of those massive hands, the little tummy, the tan lines, and the grey hair that makes me wish he were twins.

    Leo G.

  3. Anonymous11:29

    Oh yeah, you got my number, that's how I like my men, big, beefy, hairy.. SWEET...

    I'd love to be the one that makes the last dude catch his next nut:):)

    Thanks for the pics of all the HUNKY Dudes..

  4. Anonymous13:25

    The first image is Gus Maddox--truly a god among men!

    1. Anonymous05:00

      Sorry, but that's Mike West per his C@lt ID. Mike never appeared in any films, while Gus was in the classic "Big Rig".

    2. Anonymous20:24

      #1 – Sorry Scott, but this isn’t Gus Maddox. It’s Colt model, Mike West. At one time, he was the boyfriend of the late Steve Regis.

      #4 – Bruno Bond.

      #7 – Brad Kalvo.

  5. the one with the cum on his tum? Yes please!!!!!

  6. Anonymous18:56

    Hmm, I made a comment on how much I liked these beefy hunks, and it did not make it ... Well it's worth comment again.. I LOVE Big Beefy men, the last dude, is Hotter than hell.. I wish I was the one that made him catch his nut...

    Thanks for the great pics:):)

    1. All comments that are not spam, trolling, defamatory, or obviously problematic are approved. Perhaps Google ate your comment.

  7. Anonymous21:16

    Brad Kalvo is the perfect man - butch without being ridiculous about it!!!

  8. Anonymous07:56

    First image is Colt model Mike West, a classic in every way.

  9. Anonymous14:54

    Quite a collection. Would love to have all these guys together for a banquet. No one would starve, thats for sure, least of all me. Big V


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