27 October 2013

Full Canadian Balls

The first two videos here are for Leo and you others who enjoyed the still images in a post here several weeks ago titled "The General Contractor." Now you can see him speak and put that thick cock to good use.

The third video is one I found on Xvideos for lads who may not be into the general contractor. You'll see two big bulls consumed with lust, which is how they should always be.

Direct links to the Xvideos site for the general contractor are here and here whilst the link for the two bulls is here.

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  1. Anonymous15:10

    Thanks for thinking of me. That was super nice of you, Mr. Manhandler.

    As usual, I have a million things to say. But I will keep my remarks limited to just several.

    The General Contractor is so much hotter in motion than he is in stills. Maybe it’s the hair. I saluted Canada Day along with him. My fireworks were brief but awesome.

    Anyhow, among his other more pronounced and obvious attributes, I was very impressed with his skills as a camera man. (I assume he shot these videos himself since we never see his left hand). He held the camera steady. His face (or his dick) was always in frame, centered, and focused.

    I was also impressed with his monologue. He kept it fresh and interesting. He didn’t just moan, close his eyes, and repeat the word “fuck” until it lost all its effect.

    This guy can really multi-task. I truly believed he was jacking off more for my benefit than for his own.

    However, I don’t believe that he is an actual general contractor. His hands are too smooth, he has a suit hanging on his door, and he has no receptacle plates on his outlets. As a general contractor, he simply does not pass code.

    All in all, I had a very hot and relaxing Sunday afternoon, thanks to you.

    Leo G.


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