24 October 2013

Flaccid & Fantastic

I'm pretty sure most of you like to look at hard cocks. But soft cocks are great, too. When you see male strangers, presumably at a "respectable" place like the gym, most if not all are flaccid.

Flaccid men at the gym are often very nice to look at, and frankly part of the reason many of us go. So if you didn't make it to the gym today, here are some lads you may have missed in the locker room.


  1. Anonymous17:16

    Are they "flaccid" or "turgid?"

    Flaccid means: " not firm or stiff; also lacking normal or youthful firmness."

    Turgid means "being in a normal or abnormal state of distension."

    I vote for turgid, not flaccid.

    1. Flaccid derives from the Latin
      : soft, limp, not firm. "Flaccid penis" is paired commonly and gets nearly 300,000 hits on Google. Here you can see it in use as a phrase: http://men.webmd.com/guide/8-things-you-did-not-know-about-your-penis

  2. Anonymous20:26

    Your are so right, one of the bennies for us guys digging dudes, is to be able to go in the locker room and see men in all various stages of dress.

    With that said, I love cock, soft, hard, or semi, love it all..

    BTW, dude in pic#2 is hotter than hell.. hairy in all the right places, great arms, and his cock is just the right size for me..


  3. I love these guys. I hate these guys.

    They are more impressive flaccid than I am hard!

    Leo G.

  4. Anonymous19:10

    love it

  5. Anonymous21:52

    If you're one of those guys that show off in the locker room, try trimming down there first. A tree looks bigger when the surrounding shrubs are mowed down.

    Do it correctly & avoid painful mistakes down tehre... http://bit.ly/1mau9sd Just saying!

  6. Anonymous10:31

    i love young men pubes and a happy trail

  7. Anonymous12:38

    why does any man want to shave his pubic hair after all we are men not little boys

  8. Anonymous17:44

    yes they are lovely. but not flaccid. sometimes a girl doesn't want to see a huge dick...they're also nice when at rest.

  9. Anonymous17:45

    Yes, they're lovely. But they're not flaccid. Sometimes a girl just wants to see a nice penis at rest. thank you.

  10. Anonymous04:04

    they all look delicious to me


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