13 October 2013

Paddy Learns to Flip-Fuck

A thousand thanks to whomever put these up this week. I had not seen either until I found these. In the first scene, Paddy is pretty relentless. Maybe he really is gay and is a rough power top.

In the second one, Paddy and Gabriel have a spirited flip-fuck. I have to say this second scene is better than Paddy's first bottoming scene linked here some weeks back.

To watch directly on the Xvideos site, click here and here. (If you're wondering why I also post these links, some lads have told me they have problems watching the videos here on the blog but not at the source site.)


  1. Anonymous03:45

    Hot, thanks for posting

  2. Anonymous13:29

    What a hot video! Paddy is incredible-would give anything to be his partner for an hour.

  3. The first film was very good. Paddy could have a future as a legitimate actor in non-porno movies. The other guy, however, could have used a few more acting classes. How did the other guy get his pants off over those big boots? (12:00) By the way, if you want roses, please go to your florist and not your tattooist. I'm just sayin'

    The second video was superb. I give it 4 magic condoms. It was very hot! Either they had a brilliant film editor or those two hunks actually squirted about the same time. I loved the aqua cut-away underwear too.

    Leo G.

  4. Anonymous04:24

    Both are great. The second one was too hot. Paddy is fast becoming a favorite. The sweat on his lower back as he is getting fucked- wow.

  5. Sadly could not see the first anymore, but the second is f.....g hot great made me very horny :)

  6. Anonymous11:47

    Yeah the second video is muy caliente!!! These guys actually know how to have sex - which is something many "hot hunks" have no idea about.


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