22 October 2013

Heavy Equipment

That thing looks like it weighs several pounds the way it flops when he whips it out. He could do some serious damage with his meat, maybe even knock out a bloke on his knees eagerly waiting to suck him, if he's not careful.


  1. Anonymous10:14

    "Oh, you wanna fuck me with that... I was afraid you were gonna hit me with it."

  2. Anonymous10:51

    Wow.. I do like me a thick cock, I would do my best in sucking that baby, if it kept still...lol.. and I would take his "gallon" of man juice..

    Nice post.. Thanks

  3. That fortunate fellow's dick looks like it could swallow up my dick for a light snack.

    If my cock looked like that, I would whip it out too... every chance I got. My dick doesn't whip out. It, more or less, just pokes out.

    Life is just not fair.

    Leo G.

  4. Anonymous05:53

    His cock is gorgeous!!!! I want to give him a BJ so badly!!!!!


  5. Wade Covington18:40

    Any idea who that beautiful monster belongs to? I would love to see that thing in action!


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