10 February 2014

Banging His Brother

When this flick was first released nearly fifteen years ago, I seriously wondered if they were really brothers. They could pass for siblings and the actors have the same surname: Luke Savage and Chad Savage.

Eventually I learned they were not brothers at all. I know some blokes don't think the scene is as hot as if they really were brothers. Porn is about fantasy, and I imagine the fantasy doesn't work as well with the truth whispering in your ear.

Why is it we think it's hotter when two actual brothers have at each other? I can see how that works for lads who had a hot straight brother, but what about those like me who never had a brother? I always fantasized about having a straight-seeming brother who preferred sex with men.

To access this scene directly on Xvideos, please click here.


  1. Anonymous03:58

    Hot guys- cute scene.

  2. Anonymous09:17

    I have a brother, whom I hate so much. I don't know why I like porn when you "know" they're actually related, but when someone disproves it the enjoyment is gone and it's just not good anymore


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