22 February 2014

Thick and Hard

As promised, here is Ephraim aka Alexander from yesterday. He has a nice thick cock with a beautiful cockhead. He's not at all timid about wanking on camera like many first-timers.

The way he works his cock through his fist with a little twist at the end suggests this is a technique he has used in the privacy of his bedroom many a time. Does he fantasize about pussy or cock when he does this -- what do you think?

To watch on the source site, be sure to click here.


  1. Dayum! He is hawt!! I agree with your comments about how he jacks his dick. He is jacking the way he always does. In other porn, they are so mechanical. This man shows us what he does in private.
    After seeing your profile pic many times, when are you going to do a jacking video?

  2. Anonymous03:11

    Big body, big cock, endless load of cum, great orgasm!


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