18 February 2014

Heavy Meat

This is Chad, who's pretty damn close to perfect. His cock is large and thick, one of those ones that feel heavy in your hand even when soft.

I'd love to see him hard, but I guess the last shot is the closest we're going to come. In my mind, I'm seeing him stuffing that big heavy meat, now swollen in an erection, into a blond lad, bound and helpless.

Better yet, Chad and his identical twin brother Brad are both doing the bound, helpless lad. They're getting a bit carried away and things are becoming a little rough.

These photos are actually larger than they appear below, so click here to access a free folder to see and save the shots.


  1. Ray Mahloji10:59

    love that cock

  2. Anonymous11:18

    Nice, very nice, I wish I was blessed with a thick cock with a nice curve, between my legs. I would walk to the showers, as proud as a "peacock"


  3. Anonymous00:45


  4. Anonymous17:55

    Such an exquisite man--beautiful, sexy, hot, real looking.


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