21 February 2014

Rhymes With Me Cum

This is Ephraim Karl from Salt Lake City, who also goes by the name of Alexander Mecum, which presumably rhymes with "me cum." He's 26, stands six foot even, and weights 180 pounds. His eyes and nice fuzzy body attract my attention. At 35 or 40, if he keeps in shape and puts on more muscle, he'd be pure catnip.

I could not find any full nudes of him in still photos. I was able to find a nude jerkoff vid where he pumps his cock to a splashy finish. Watch this space this weekend for that one. Some of these photos below are huge; click here for a free folder to see in their original size and to download for saving.


  1. Anonymous13:29

    Here are a few stills of Alexander Mecum.

  2. Anonymous12:15

    He has quite a few nudes, takes on Legend Men as Alex Mecum

  3. Anonymous13:46

    Alex is fine in the latter images, but he's bit goofy looking in the first two of this set. I think it's the way his hair is arranged.


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